The Truth About MLM Finally Exposed

Is Network Marketing Legal?
That is like asking if making money is legal. That is not to say that it is a stupid question. People have been bitten so many times that they sometimes wake up in the morning and doubt if they are themselves–very funny. I understand, it is that fear that we all exercise sometimes.

Why Are So Many Calling MLM a Scam?
So many people have preconceived ideas that MLM is a scam because they or someone they know has failed at building an MLM business in the past. There is nothing new in that. 95% of small business fail in their first 5 years and 96.5% fail in their first 10 years. That is a Government statistics and it has nothing to do with MLM. Does that mean you should not give yourself a chance of the American dream by way of free enterprise?

MLM just happens to have a low start-up cost, low risk and unlimited income potential compared to traditional businesses. The biggest mistake anyone can make when they join MLM is to think they can treat it like a hobby because it cost less than $1,000. Most people try to sponsor a few people and when they say no, as most will, they claim it does not work.

In business, not every one that comes through your door will become a customer. It is a numbers game and most people will say no. However, the more rejections you go after and get, the more money you make. That concept is applicable to everything called success in life–not just MLM.