The New Media Revolution

With the dawning of the Internet, something happened within media. This was the beginning of technological socialization. Everything began with the desire for information; information about everything. This slowly blossomed into social media, which let’s face it is really information about people.

Now, the Internet as a whole is being taken one step further. It is going beyond merely socializing or information seeking and is becoming something more, much more. Users are driving content in ways never before seen.

This New Media Revolution can best be illustrated by the analogy of a third grade classroom. In third grade there was that old adage, “No question is a stupid question.” But it was third grade, so no one ever raised their hand.

Imagine sitting in that classroom for years and years on end. With the same confusing lessons being taught and those same questions never resolved. At some point, those third grade hands would start to go up. And that is precisely what is happening within media today.

Instead of waiting for the teacher to call on them, these users have begun answering their own questions, for one another. In doing so they themselves have crafted the new, youthful face of media.

This has lead to the transformation in not just one medium but all forms of media. Billboards are being digitally crafted for video games, television programing is being exclusively aired on the Internet, and there is still so much more to come.

“It’s all about on-demand content. Users are screaming for what they want, and other users are listening. All we have to do, as new media companies, is listen too,” said Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of Rico Media, Inc. Steven Gonzalez.

And Gonzalez is right. Companies like Digg and Revision3 are listening to users and giving them exactly what they ask for.

Digg is a new media news source that is the latest in online publications. Instead of some grey haired editor deciding what people should know, users “Digg” or vote for article either they submit or find on the Internet, and the articles with the leading votes go to the top for all to see. This set up makes users the sole drivers of content.

Revision3, on the other hand, is a new take on the classic television network. Instead of being aired on any given cable provider, subject to the edits of the Federal Communications Commission, these shows solely broadcast on the Internet. While there is some variation of these internet television websites, the main difference being who can post a show, all bend to the viewer’s whim. Watch what you want, when you want to watch it.

There is an added benefit to the new media revolution, and not just centered around content. Revision3’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Louderback has been quoted as saying the production costs for an internet television show is about 10 percent of what it costs to product a traditional network television show. The significance of this is more than it may appear. For the first time in decades, significant cost or substantial monetary investment is not a barrier to entry in this industry.

How Do You Instill Impeccable Integrity at Your Home

While some values can be specific to a culture or geography, integrity is a global, universal value, like love, compassion, peace, respect and responsibility. Integrity knows no boundaries in terms of location, age, gender, class, culture, race or religion. Indeed, integrity is a human value that, when it transcends the globe, serves to make people happier, more peaceful, more aware and more thoughtful.

Integrity can seem like an abstract value or concept, but it becomes pretty clear when you start evaluating kids’ habits. According to a recent CNN report, about 85 percent of kids say that they have cheated by the time they graduate from high school, whether it is copying a neighbor’s math test, plagiarizing from the Internet, a library book or another source, texting answers during tests and more. While younger kids are more guileless and innocent about cheating and may not even realize that it’s wrong right away, it is important to address this issue – with integrity – early on, so that children grown up understanding the value of honesty and integrity.

Integrity is truly integral to an individual’s system of ethics, values and morals. As a parent, caregiver or child educator seeking to teach and show the value of integrity, this process will involve both subjective and objective measures. You can discuss the concept as a whole, but you must also share specific, real-life examples of integrity in the community and world.

Consider the following tips for sharing the global value of integrity with the children in your life:

Be a role model. With kids, actions really do speak louder than words. If you are talking to your kids about integrity and its importance, but treating store clerks with impertinence or impatience, cheating your clients out of money or talking about your friends behind their backs, the message will get more than muddled. Let your kids see you greeting strangers with a smile, letting someone know if they gave you too much change for your purchase and avoiding the temptation to cut in line. Likewise, recognize other role models, from a celebrity to a neighbor to a teacher, who your kids can identify with.

Keep your promises. This is another big deal to kids – when you say that you are going to do something, do it. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Follow through, stay true to your word and keep your promises when it comes to parenting with integrity.

Talk. Talk about shows on TV that show people acting both with and without integrity. Talk about the latest local, national and international news stories. Talk about whether your children’s friends are cheating. Talk about your day. Be open to discussing whatever is on your children’s minds when it comes to the concept of integrity.

Have consequences. If you catch your child lying, cheating, stealing or otherwise acting without integrity, don’t let the action go unnoticed or unpunished. Make it clear what the consequences for this type of behavior are and then follow through.

Learn the Secrets of Creating Wildly Profitable Advice and Information Products

. First of all I want you to understand what exactly does the Term Advice and Information product mean?

The Term Information Product means an electronically deliverable, knowledge-based product. There is a huge variety of Informational Products like E-books, Reports, E-zines, Newsletters, Audio Programs, Courses & other Tutorial files.

2. Why are Information products such a great business opportunity online?

The Answer is simple: It’s the ultimate way to make money online:

Basically you can take what You have, know and like and turn it into Money selling advice and information. You can start it without having Money. Yes, You can create them with little or no investment at all. (You only need pay for a domain name and a webhost. But You can make a high quality product for free.) You can create your products from Home sitting in front of your computer in your free time. You can start your business without Risk. The only thing you can lose is your time you spent creating your products. You can test the market without investigating a lot of money.

There is a very high profit potential in Advice products: You can create and sell an E-book all by yourself. What’s even more persuasive that you can completely forget about production costs, inventory costs and shipping costs as well (as it’s delivered electronically). A huge advantage of Information product is that the time-lapse between purchase and delivery is absolutely negligible. (Simply because it is delivered electronically)

3. Step-by-step Tutorial for creating your own Advice or Information Product:

1. Make a Detailed Market Research (learn more in the 1st part of the Series) and Find Demand on the Market. Don’t lose your time creating products that people are not interested in. You cannot convince your Prospects that they need your product- search for Products with proven Interest in Your Niche.

2. Define the End Results you want and make a Brainstorming about the different options you have to reach your Goal. Decide what kind of Strategies you want to use. Find out what products sell the best in your Market before starting to create them.

3. Run a trademark check on before Choosing a Name and Logo for Your Product. Avoid Legal Issues and losing your product because of Trademark Violation.

4. Create a Small version of what you want to sell (an E-book or Audio Tutorial for instance) and test it. Make a PPC campaign and Give it out for Free. Don’t work on your product until you get Proven Numbers that there is a Demand on it on the Market. Check out your competitors Products to learn from their Mistakes and Profit from their Successes. Spy for the Topics they unlock, the product types that sell the best…

Join Market America

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