What Is the Value of a Project Management Office (PMO)?

The focus should be on making the PMO an integral part of the organisation and not a distinct department or stand-alone operation. The PMO should be supporting Project and Programme managers on a daily basis, developing project management tools, templates and checklists. The PMO should also help Project Managers to monitor and evaluate their projects through performance and risk logs.

However PMO delivery is also concerned with a wider and often more strategic area such as creating a more effective and consistent project methodology. Additional benefits could be more effective planning of resources, higher quality project management information and a more transparent and joined up approach to organisation decision making.

A key issue with a PMO within any organisation is how the PMO is both resourced and how its role is communicated by Senior Management. An organisation will often set up a PMO as a ‘nice to have’ but will not give the PMO the adequate resources or the direction to fulfil its functions. PMO’s should not been seen as a purely supportive or administrative function but they have a unique role, sitting across a range of projects and organisational functions and can often be the only source for Senior Management to understand the overall success or failure of an organisations project delivery.

When you are assessing the value of a PMO it is largely dependent on the impact it has in the decision making progress and is different from organisation to organisation. PMO’s can often have no impact on an organisation and are there to fulfil administration functions, however other PMO’s can have a overbearing influence on an organisation often stopping Project Managers creativity and fulfilling the delivery of projects. The reality is that PMO’s should have a clearly defined and supported role in an organisation and this should be communicated to the whole organisation by Senior Management. As with many things in life, the effort you put into your PMO you will get out.

E-Business Success Is Key For Self-Employed And Small Businesses

I found my online presence while searching for a new way to run my business. I’m an insurance broker who made the transition from face to face business production to mainstreaming online. The internet is the key to the long term success of the vast majority of small businesses. The problem is that most small business owners don’t have a clue of how to succeed online. Building an online business is a whole new arena that is foreign to many…unfortunately even to most so called “SEO Experts.”

Many business owners make the mistake of investing capital for a web designing and SEO service that ends up giving them a flashy looking web site that drives no business for them. The do it yourself types will read an e-book and jump in the online business pool and hope to swim. Unfortunately, they all drown because there is simply too much information that needs to be absorbed in order find success. You need to do everything right and understand nothing happens online overnight.

I have become passionate about online business as there is a connection between it and my niche. I sell health insurance products and the majority of individuals doing anything full time that is e-commerce related are of course self-employed and need their own health care. This simple truth creates my drive and mission; to spread health care awareness and e-business success for all self-employed individuals and small business owners.

America’s health care problem has a major impact on small businesses. With the proper resources and the required dedication, your small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur can achieve their independence and create an identity for themselves online. The internet is like outer space, there will always be room for another profitable business web site.

It’s almost disturbing that one of the biggest obstacles for many to reach their online goals is being directed by the wrong resource. It’s like being taught how to drive by a six year old. This is why it’s vital to do your research before investing with any internet service provider. Check them out on Alexa.com and never make a spontaneous decision. It can be a tremendous burden to gather all the information and resources you need to build an e-business and you can find yourself jumping all over the web looking for help.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can be a straight forward, one step at a time process that you can execute with clarity and enjoyment. The only way to experience this is to connect yourself to the right resource. A company held in the highest regard for their e-business building expertise. They have been building business on the web since the internet was just a baby back in 1997. They hold your hand within a community that feels like a big family.

This is the resource I have found and it has saved my online business dreams. I have recently shared their guidance to others on my Facebook business page. I have pooled together an E-Business HQ page on Facebook that will give away all the free e-business master course e-books along with case studies, resources and software that are all free to use for growing and developing your business. Sharing the right resources will help grow small businesses and strengthen our economy. There is much recovery left to achieve in America.

Consider These Five Things

So before you join one of the many companies out there, discover the education that I would like to share with you first. Once you understand how network marketing works and how you can make a really nice income, you can use the training material that I want to share with you to your own business advantage.

When I first got started with network marketing, I remember my mentors telling me that people join people; they do not join businesses. That really is so true. If you can help other people find a solution to whatever their issue is with THEIR own business, you will get noticed and people will not only begin to follow you, they will will want to join you in business.

You can make a very nice income in this industry but you first have to create the relationships that will eventually feed you! I know that may sound silly, but is the reality. Let me tell you that marketing to other people should equal you marketing to people who are actually in the market for what you are offering. Let me explain in greater detail…

The reason that the majority of the people ( You will often hear somewhere around 97%) who become involved with network marketing fail, is because they do not have the knowledge, the ongoing training webinars, mentors, and the blueprint in which they can follow. It is not about the desire. I am sure that if you asked every person who thought of joining MLM, would tell you that it was their true desire to make money with MLM. But like I said, without the real proper guidance, it is a tough road when you do not have mentors guiding you.

The point that I really want to drive home with you is this: You can make a very nice income in this industry if you join network marketing. But you first have to have the MLM training that teaches you how to first create those important relationships that must first be created when you are starting out.